Sasha Sarago — Editor & Founder

Sasha Sarago is a proud Aboriginal woman of the Wadjanbarra Yidinji and Jirrbal clans ‘Rainforest People’ of Cairns, Far North Queensland. Sasha is also of African-American, Malay, Mauritian and Spanish descent.

A former model, Sasha grew frustrated by the invisibility of women of colour in fashion and media. Tired of importing oversees publications to see reflections of herself Sasha had an epiphany. In 2011, Sasha founded Ascension Australia’s first Indigenous and ethnic women’s lifestyle magazine.

Ascension is a new dialogue of cultural identity and self-representation – a haven for women of colour to see, hear and know thyself. Sasha’s inspiration during the editorial process is the intimacy and depths of the women’s stories. She is grateful to be entrusted to step into their shoes; get inside their head and open the door to their heart. Sasha hopes Ascension can inspire women to grab their courage before they walk out the door to face the world.

A lover of new beginnings, Sasha is trying her hand as a writer, director, and producer for a series of digital projects designed to capture the diversity of who she is and her imagination of what could be.

Sasha’s dream is to savour the breathtaking views of Positano; Moscato in hand as the founder of a globally inspiring lifestyle and media company.



Susu Studio — Graphic Design & Creative Direction

Susu Studio is an inspired creative studio, directed by Dane Kerr and Kasia Ilczyszyn.

The studio was formed in late 2013, after five years of working with some of Melbourne’s most respected design studios in addition to spending six immersive months travelling and working around the world. From South America to North Africa, we used the time as an experiment to gain unique experiences and new perspectives. Upon returning, the studio has enabled us to continue to apply this invaluable knowledge in a impactful way.

A small studio, creating big ideas with global inspiration.

We come from diverse backgrounds, but unite with a passionate ethos at the heart of everything we create. At Susu Studio, we pride ourselves on a socially productive approach to communicating with design. Beyond multi-disciplinary graphic design, we practice genuine diverse engagement in society and culture, with our hands in anything from the DIY music scene to animal welfare and rescue.

We have been fortunate enough to head the creative direction of Ascension since its inception. Ascension has been the perfect collaborator in the ultimate aspiration to promote positive change, whilst working closely with sincerely ethical organisations and people.

Kyah Parrott – Fashion Writer & Stylist

Kyah Parrott is a young woman with her sights set on building a career in the arts. You can find her written word published in Salt Magazine, and blogs like The Fashion Advocate. As a stylist, she has worked with both internationally and locally based models. Building her career one brick at a time, she’s working to a blueprint to achieve success through her lifestyle; a lifestyle with a focal point on maintaining optimal health in all matters of the mind, body, heart and soul. Her aspirations revolve heavily around empowering people across continents, through both broadcast and narrative journalism. Born in Toronto, Canada, Kyah is currently curating culture locally in Melbourne, Australia; with aspirations for a global influence.

Kyah herself boasts a unique style. Her favourite style icons include Solange Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kanye West, who, along with Lianne La Havas is also one of her biggest sonic influences.

Her favourite destinations include Puerto Rico, Hawaii and San Sebastian in Spain.

Her own love of expression sees her writing extend to the depths of poetry. She also enjoys peering at life through a camera lens, at times, finding herself on the other end of the camera, both a form of expression that she’s come to love. Her work with Ascension Magazine remains dear to her heart as it enables her to grow, to engage in artistic expression, and empower a demographic too often overlooked.